Welcome to my blog!

I am a New zealander who has been living in Bali for over 10 years.

recently I decided to start cooking healthy food at home rather than eating out on a regular basis.

I began by collecting simple, mainly plant based, recipes. I am fond of vegetable stews and curries. besides being my favourite evening meal they keep well in the fridge and usually what I cook will be my meal for 3 nights.

a blog was the ideal place to keep all the recipes together. improving my photography skills has been on my “to do” list for some time and appealing photographs to go with the recipes I hoped would encourage me to persevere with the cooking. I did some online photography courses via Two Loves Studio to learn about Lightroom, natural lighting, and composition, all specifically for food photography. It was quite a challenge to begin with but so worthwhile.

As I make and photograph the recipes I regard a success and would make again they will be added to What’s Cooking in Bali. this will be my personal online cookbook, that I can quickly peruse for inspiration or a particular recipe.

I manage an online shop selling caftans and pillow covers and love photography, textiles, ceramics, cooking and travel.

Enjoy your visit.